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Welcome to the fiery, funky and fearless world of TEMPER! This boutique, and blog, is intended to be a creative outlet where I can share my passion and things I love with the universe (still working out the kinks on how to ship to Mars).  This blog specifically will be used to share styling tips, events and new things we are up to, favorite products, and maybe even recipes, crafts/DIY's, and more than likely some yoga (see below)...

How the heck did I end up here? Well.....

Fashion has always been my way of expressing myself. A way to show the world who I am without even saying a word. Yeah, yeah, I know they say to never judge a book by its cover, but it really does go deeper than that. Fashion is my way of always being creative, challenging myself to capsulate how I feel into an outfit (from the inside out!).

In high school I was named ‘Trendsetter’ of my class. I never really thought much of it, it was a small school and I kind of felt like everyone got a superlative, and I can’t say my neon green Napoleon Dynamite inspired snow boots ever made the cover of Vogue, but they did do something. They grabbed your attention, they made you wonder about the person wearing them (mostly probably questioning their sanity, I’m sure). Either way, they made a statement. I distinctively remember wearing them to see the reactions I would get, plus they were comfy and warm!  

Fast foward a few years and I became immersed in the fashion industry in Denver, Colorado (yes, there is one). It was here, through modeling, that my passion grew into more of a hobby and lifestyle. After spending a little time around designers and their studios, I wanted to take a stab at sewing. I was gifted a sewing machine. Between YouTube and a lot of mistakes, I began making some of my own clothes. It was the coolest feeling! However, the fashion industry and sewing weren't the only things I found in Denver, I also fell in love with practicing and teaching yoga. Trust me, there is a correlation, just bear with me...

Yoga was my outlet for stress, and I knew that I wanted to share it with anyone and everyone, so I became a yoga instructor. After I was wrapping up my second training with The River (Shout out to The Riv and all its amazing folks!) they were looking for a Retail Manager. Now, I have a B.S. in Business/Accounting and I've made my own clothes (including yoga pants for my teaching team!), but I had no real experience in the realm of buying/managing retail. However, I came equipped with a passion, an eagerness to learn, and Google. So, I applied.....and by the grace of Ganesha I GOT THE POSITION. The rest is history - well, not really - it came with a lot of work, reading, and training and having the best team and leaders that inspired me to grow and to learn the ropes. However, I LOVED IT. I loved every part of it, not only did I get to chill in a yoga studio, buy clothes and wellness items, and it be work, but I loved everything from choosing the products to the interaction with the customer as they bought it. I knew that this is something I was meant to do.

Well, life decided to shake things up, and after just under a year, my husband and I had to move across the country to Pittsburgh for his job. I had to leave this amazing community and job I had grown to love, but not empty handed. It provided me the knowledge (well enough of it at least), support, and confidence to venture out on my own. I want share these products with you because I love them, and in hopes that they will impact your life for the better. TEMPER is the product of all of this. I hope you love it as much as I do. 

Stay fiery,

xo Danica

P.S. If you have feedback, recommendations, comments, corny jokes, etc. - I would love to hear them! 

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