Top 5 Essential Fashion Pieces for Spring

Top 5 Essential Fashion Pieces for Spring

Hi TEMPER Tribe! 

We are less than a month away from spring (I know, I know, it feels like it may never come considering the arctic blast weather predicted to arrive over the next few weeks) and we are looking forward to refreshing our wardrobe and getting our pale gams into some warmer weather clothes! Plus, spring break is around the corner and it's always a fun to grab a few new pieces to rock in that tropic setting - unless you're the kind of person who goes skiing on spring break, in that case we also have you covered  - head over and check out our jackets.❄️

To help you get excited about warmer days and sunshine rays, we have put together a list of our top five essential items you must have for spring (which all can be conveniently located in our store!).

1. Lightweight Coat

Spring weather can be unpredictable. Cold and rainy in the morning, sunny and warm in the afternoon. A good lightweight coat is a must have, especially during those surprise spring showers. When choosing the right one, you want it to be stylish, neutral in color so that it will go with anything, but not so basic that you blend into the sea of trenches. We love our Striped Yacht Jacket to check this one off of your list. Style it with some cropped jeans and a blouse for the perfect, chic spring everyday outfit.


2. Cropped Jeans

This trend started ramping our last year and it's sticking around, but we don't mind. Cropped jeans are great for spring, because they are the ultimate transition between full length jeans and shorts (basically, they are the new and improved version of the capri). Our Splatter Bottom Crop Jeans take the basic cropped jean and add a little flare (pun intended). With a small flare out at the bottom, a mild amount of distressing, and 'bleach splatter' detail at the bottom. Pair these with a light-weight sweater on cooler days, or fun blouse (shall we recommend our GORGEOUS Petal Bell Sleeve Blouse).


3. Jumpsuit

At TEMPER, we LOVE the jumpsuit. Although it could be said that jumpsuits are so versatile they are wearable all year round, we think they are essential to the spring wardrobe. One of the many things we love about a jumpsuit is it makes putting together a chic outfit effortless. All you have to do is put on one piece of clothing, add an accessory or two, and you are ready to flaunt your sexy self around town. The key to picking out the perfect jumpsuit for spring is fabric and pattern. Our Crystal Belted Jumpsuit is made out of lyocell, which is similar to cotton, but better. Lyocell (sometimes known by its brand name TENCEL) is more breathable, sustainable, and softer (almost like buttered silk - yes, that's an industry term.....just kidding) than cotton. You get the look of denim, feeling of silk, breathability of cotton, and style to turn heads, what more could you ask for in the perfect spring outfit?!

4. White T-Shirt

With spring comes spring cleaning, which is a great time to throw out all of those old white t-shirts that have shrunk and bare the scars (stains) of your red-wine filled weekends of last year, and replace it with a new, improved version. Check out our Lace Pocket T-Shirt . It takes your basic plain white tee and steps it up a notch with a v-neck and a lace pocket detail. Plus, it is so soft and long enough to layer over leggings when you need to run some errands on a spring day.

5. Cardigan

We don't know about you, but come March, we are over the chunky, heavy sweaters of fall and winter. However, as previously discussed, spring can be a grab bag of random weather antics, with cold breezes always making an appearance. In comes the light-weight, spring cardigan.  We are loving our Fringe Benefits Cardigan as a spring staple. The lightweight, knit fabric will keep you warm, but also allow the breeze to cool you off when the sun comes out. Also, FRINGE IS IN this season (at TEMPER, we think it is in all the time) and the added detail of the allover fringe on this cardigan make twirling around the beach even more fun. Pair it with a t-shirt and shorts (sweater + shorts = perfect spring outfit).


BONUS - Satchel Handbag

We couldn't get out of here without a special shoutout to spring accessories. It's a great time to transition to lighter color handbags, especially if they have fun details. We are really digging the small satchel style for daytime exploring and nights out. Our Vintage Satchel in Distressed Saddle is an adorable add on to up-level your outfit game. Wooden handles add a little something extra to this bag, but it also has a crossbody strap to keep your hands free for bike riding and cocktail holding.


Well, there you have it. We could probably continue on forever on all the things we can't wait to rock when warmer weather arrives, but this is a great start. Is there anything else you are excited to bust out once springtime vibes arrive?! Let us know in the comments!


Stay Fiery,


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