Women's Fashion (& What Has Influenced it!) Over The Last 50 Years

Women's Fashion (& What Has Influenced it!) Over The Last 50 Years

To celebrate International Women's Day 2019, we thought we would take a look at how women's fashion has changed and what influenced the styles and trends over the last fifty (practically 60!) years. Also, we figured it would be fun to recreate each decade with TEMPER pieces to see if we could pull it off (we gotta say, it was a blast and we definitely plan on rocking some of these looks in the near future). Check it out below! 

1960’s - Bold & Youthful

Feelin’ foxy? Women were tired of dressing more mature and elegant like in the 1950’s, and thus youthful looks took the forefront. Jumper dresses, made famous by Twiggy, became very popular, shorter hemlines, and bold colors and prints (inspired by the pop and modern art scene that was popular at the time) were the rage. Designs started to move away from the corseted, cinched waist (AKA the torturous time of fashion) that highlighted the waist and female curves, and moved to more simple silhouettes, as seen in shift dresses. Hemlines grew shorter, the mini skirt took off, and go-go boots emerged (ain’t no mountain go-go boot highh enouuughh!). The start of ‘counter-cultures’ in the fashion industry started to emerge towards the end of the decade, making way for multiple trends to rise and be accepted, such as punk-rock with leather, and casual hippie with bell-bottoms.

Get the look:

Arria Cupro Tank Dress  | Cathy Hobo Handbag | Freshwater Pearl Threader Earrings


1970’s - Easygoing & Eclectic

The decade of the free-spirited hippie with the clothes that matched their personalities, groovy baby. Fluid and flattering silhouettes continued to rise in trend, with bold prints and patterns being more globally inspired as global travel became easier. Tight tops and flowy bottoms were a go-to style for women, featuring bell-bottoms, maxi skirts and dresses. Glam-rock was at the top of the charts, and it's shiny clothes and striped patterns became popular (FAME, it’s not your brain, it’s just the....FASHION)  As more women entered the workforce than ever before, unisex styles became popular as women started rocking the pantsuit. Jeans and denim became a wardrobe staple for women in the 1970’s. Towards the end of the decade, disco style was made popular by Saturday Night Fever and women started rocking fringe and sequin covered pieces, a trend which is still stayin’ alive.

Get the look:


Hells Bell Bottom Serape Pants | For the Love of Gauze Tunic | Knot Yo' Daughters Velvet Headband


1980’s - Dramatic & Loud


With the infiltration of pop culture, fashion underwent a huge transformation during this decade. Everything was big, bright and totally bitchin’ in the 80s and mixing funky prints and colors become a hot tend. Glamour looks included sequins, colorful makeup, and bold accessories. Women also continued to find their power in the workforce, and they rocked the power suit to continue to establish equality (hello, shoulder pads!). High waisted bleached and dyed jeans, neon prints and colors, turtlenecks, silky blouses were favorites for everyday wear. With the rise of Madonna and Jane Fonda, leggings paired with loose fitting, off the shoulder sweaters, and crop tops paired with parachute pants took off amongst younger women, come on, vogue!

Get the look:

A Little Bit Metal Fringe SweatshirtStriped Paper Bag Waist Pants  | The Agnes Backpack | Silver Triangle Necklace


1990’s - Minimal & Grunge


The 90s are considered the decade of anti-fashion, when grunge and underground cultures rose to popularity resulting in more casual and minimalistic styles. Women were ready to put uncomfortable clothes in the past and opt for more comfortable, yet trendy pieces. Wide leg pants (MC Hammer style!), flannels, plain baby-doll t-shirts and knit sweaters in muted colors were favored among adult women. Animal prints and preppy plaids (even worn together) were popular prints during the 90s. Towards the end of the decade we saw the rise of the spaghetti strap top, capri pants and the skort (can we get a hell yea for the skort - the ultimate active gals piece that is equal parts fashion and function)

Get the look:

The Courtnie Denim Jacket | Splatter Bottom Jeans | Layered Stud Choker


2000’s - Recycled + Girl Power

As a new century started, women’s fashion began to take a look back and draw inspiration from prior decades. Vintage styles from the 60s-80s were reinvented and recycled as the economy started to decline, with more color, patterns, and prints being incorporated. Just as the female pop star (Britney, Christina, Spice Girls, need I go on?!) ruled this decade, so did their feminine style. Miniskirts, halter tops, belly shirts, gaucho pants (yes, gauchos) and low rise pants saw a rise in popularity. Clothing with the brand names visible (ABERCROMBIE & FITCH!, VON DUTCH!) were practically everywhere. Feathers, fur, metal, and belts were leading accents to any trendy gals outfit. Tracksuits (JUICY!), sweater and tunic dresses also rose to fame during the mid 2000s.

Get the look:

2010's - Feminism & Freedom 

The decade of the hipster and instagram model. The decade started with baggy bottoms a thing of the past and skinny jeans became the new everyday pants. Bodycon dresses were born (and maybe – hopefully - have already died?) Combining the 80s athletic style with a little 90s grunge, the emergence of the hipster has everything that is considered not cool, cool again (but then also not cool because anything cool is not cool, that’s how it works, right?). Monochromatic outfits and matching top and bottoms sets have surfaced. Athleisure has taken over as healthy living and exercise trends have boomed, and we are here for it. Midi skirts and dresses have risen back to popularity, with a new twist adding patterns and textures. In the age of information at your fingertips, light has been shed on animal cruelty in fashion and faux leather and fur are bigger than ever. Yoga pants and leggings are no longer only worn in studio as they have now practically replaced all other pants, and the half tucked shirt is the ultimate ‘casual chick gets put together’ touch. Plus, as of late, high waisted pants have resurfaced and I’m making a vow that I will personally never let them fade away again. 

Get the look:

Lace Pocket T-Shirt | The Kayla Cropped Biker Jacket | Ruffled & Flared Pants


Well, there you have it!  Thanks for traveling back in time with us. It is so fascinating to see how social issues, the economy, arts and entertainment, and global movements play a role in what styles become popular throughout time. Where will fashion go from here? Honestly, I have no idea, but I love the idea of taking whats old and making it new again. 

What decade or trends are you favorite? What is one of the most memorable fashion moments that you can remember - either something you wore or a celebrity outfit that you will never forget (like that entire denim ensemble Britney & Justin wore to the American Music Awards)? Let us know in the comments!

Stay Fiery,

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