TEMPER is a space to share the things that we love and have passion for. It’s a collection of products that represent something more than simply an item for sale. They represent who we are, the places we have been, and/or whatever it is we want to be. TEMPER is bold without boundaries, unique yet sustainable, and never afraid of a challenge.  The brand revolves around three words: ‘Fiery’, ‘Funky’, and ‘Fearless’, because they embody the vision of the TEMPER brand and shopper. 


Meaning we are passionate, sometimes quick-tempered, not afraid to stand out, and more than likely, pretty darn sassy. Fiery shows in up in statement pieces, bold prints, and sharp lines.


Meaning we are free-spirited, we march to the beat of our own drum, and are one-of-a-kind, wild-children at heart. Funky shows up in boho fabrics, vintage pieces, mixed patterns and flowy silhouettes.


Meaning we are never afraid of a challenge, stand up for what we believe in, we enjoy the rush of moving out of our comfort zones or societal norms and being ourselves. Most of all, we take no shit. Fearless shows up in anything black + leather + fur + mesh + lace, form-fitting and daring pieces. 


Danica Kempinski, Owner & Founder

DanicaDanica has always had a passion for fashion. However, it was a few years ago, while living in Denver, Colorado, that her passion became something more. After doing some fashion modeling while living in Denver, Danica was fascinated with the entire industry, especially the creation and styling of clothes. She received a sewing machine as a gift and after a few (ok, a lot) of YouTube videos, she was making her own clothes. These clothes and their accompanying pieces were conversation starters anytime she wore them, and it sparked an idea. Danica wanted to create a space to share fashion and items she has found and loves, and help people style them. Although custom designing and sewing clothes is still more of a hobby for her (maybe one day it will be more!?), it was the inspiration and motivation to create TEMPER.